Why should not we clip nails inside the house?

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Why should not we clip nails inside the house?

Why should not we clip nails inside the house?

Hinduism is a customary way of living life. Hinduism has embedded health protective practices into the lives of everyone who follows it. Even smallest actions are considered as the most important things when it comes to daily life and health care. Clipping nails is one of them.

It is strongly advised not to clip nails inside home. We know that nails are made up of dead cells. Nails make the hard part outside our body. Nails are sharp enough. As we use our hands to touch, all the dust and different kinds of bacteria accumulate on the nails. When nails are clipped inside house, others may tend to step on them which results in spreading of dangerous bacteria. It turns more hazardous if it enters human body by any means. Our digestive system doesn’t have the capacity to break down nails. If nails, by mistake, mix up with the food, it creates troubles.

Dead things are considered to be inauspicious as they become places for unwanted bacteria. Nails are a part of our body and carry DNA which belongs to us. This might let someone do black magic which is not at all good. Nails should be clipped outside the house and they must be thrown in to garbage without fail. This keeps us and our family members safe from unwanted happenings.


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