Why to Chant Arjuna’s Names When the Thunder Storm Happens?

Why to chant Arjuna's names when the Thunder Storm happens?
Why to chant Arjuna’s names when the Thunder Storm happens?

Why to Chant Arjuna’s Names When the Thunder Storm Happens?
(ఉరుము & తుఫాను సంభవించినప్పుడు అర్జునుడి పేర్లను ఎందుకు జపించాలి?)

Arjuna Phalguna Partha Sloka

Arjunah Phalgunah Partha Kiriiti Swethavahana

 Bhebatsa Vijayah Krishna Savyasaachi Dhanunjayaha ”

All these are the badge names resembling Arjuna. Not only at the time of thunders but also we can devour at threatful and fearful times. There is a small story behind this in the great epic Mahabharata.

Story Behind Chant Arjuna’s Names While Thunderstorm Happening

After the defeat of Pandavas over kouravas, Pandavas while going to forest they’ve  hidden all their weapons on a Shami tree (jammy chettu). Duryodhana & dusyasana got to know the place where Pandavas had stayed and announced a war. At that time Arjuna called the prince Uthara kumara and ordered him to get the weapons which are over the tree. Before going Arjuna warned the prince that “ if you don’t find the weapons or if you find any ferocious strange things then recite me then you will find the weaponry ”. The prince being innocent found the ferocious animals and yelled Arjuna..! Phalguna..! then by his chanting those animals were turned to weapons. Prince handed all the armory to Arjuna. With those all the armor and weapons Pandavas got victory over kouravas.

At that battleground, Arjuna’s cartwheel forcibly flew into the sky and quacked the earth like a thunderstorm. Watching that incident the enemy battleships fled back with fear. From that time the people who get scared or fear for thunder storm’s chant arjuna.

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